Supporting you during Covid19, wherever you choose to be

Our Public Covid19 Policy:

The well being of our staff and customers is of upmost importance therefore we have put together some details of
how we will operate your delivery/collection/support during the current climate. Before any hire delivery, install or
collection we will discuss the most appropriate method with you to mitigate any risk for all parties involved. Every
situation is different and we will adapt our measures accordingly.

loading van with ppe

1) Each day our team members are required to check in to our online Management system to confirm they are ‘OK and
Symptom free’. Any staff who do not check in or who confirm they have symptoms are not allowed to enter our premises, vehicles and/or clients premises.Those showing any of the Government prescribe signs as updated at are required to self isolate in line with current guidelines. If they have arrived at work already we will take appropriate action to safely return them home avoiding contact with other parties and we will also investigate immediately who they have been in contact with and request they isolate too in line with Government guidelines. Our teams are working in separated shift patterns and we are limiting which members work with each other and on which days.

2) We request that you remain at least 2 metres away from our team at all times. In the event that it is impossible to do a job without being 2 metres apart then we request that all parties wear PPE in the form of face masks (by default our team will be wearing inside – see below)

3) Our engineers carry antibacterial gel and wipes as well as gloves and face-masks which they will use/wear during any activity within a clients premises/home. 

4) With smaller deliveries and collections we will firstly check whether you are happy to pack/unpack setup/derig
the kit yourself (with us on the end of a phone) and we will provide a doorstep service. If you require our full
service then we would request that where possible you are not in the room whilst we work, only our engineer
should be present, once our engineer is finished they will fully clean the kit (if installing or supporting) and then
vacate the room whilst you check you are happy with the setup/resolution. They will wait around outside for a
small amount of time to allow you to test, they will provide their contact details.

5) Should you need any support during the hire our teams have a variety of remote systems in place including
video chat and remote access to help support you and they are always available on the phone. We can still
attend a site with the above precautions in place but we feel it is prudent for both parties that we try to diagnose
and solve any issues remotely in the first instance, obviously we want to ensure you always have a smooth
working experience and also a safe one.

6) All hired equipment we supply always goes through a rigorous cleaning procedure as has always been the case pre-covid
however we now add an additional layer to this procedure including antibacterial cleaning to be as
safe as possible. Our team will also do a second clean of the kit following the installation by themselves before hand over to the client.

During the hire, for tech support please contact our support team on 020
8963 0530 or for the quickest response.

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