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Trusted by some of the industries biggest feature films and drama’s as well as independent producers and individuals, our LTO service produces fully verified lto tapes from your data using the latest industry software and super fast hardware.

Step 1

We collect or you drop off your drives

Step 2

We transfer all the contents to LTO Tape (and make copies if required) whilst simultaneously keeping a log of everything we do so that it can be accessed quicker if you need to restore any files in the future.

Step 2

We return your drives and newly created LTO Tapes (all neatly labelled up for you) along with the logs (digital or on paper as required)

Legacy LTO

LTO 5 & 6
  • Recover your legacy LTO 5 & 6's*
  • Create LTO-6 tapes
  • Fully Verified


Our most popular service
  • 6TB uncompressed per tape
  • Fully verified
  • LTFS for full compatibility


the latest and biggest
  • 12TB uncompressed per tape
  • Fully Verified
  • LTFS for full compatibility

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